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As a design brand; George and Willy are fine ambassadors of everyday, simplistic and functional products. But as people, they are an inspiring, modern representation of what the NZ “can-do” attitude looks like in 2000’s. They design things that they need and that their friends need. Things that are detailed only to the degree that allows them to do the best job. There is no fussiness, over design or frivolity – just items that help make our everyday life better. I have followed Will McCallum and George Wilkins from the very get

It feels to me that the George + Willy are hellbent on making day to day living work better, look better and feel better. From the boys that reinvented the wall mounted paper roller (which turned into a global Pinterest revolution), designed the coolest modular pegboard shelving, adventuring duffel bags and honest, industrial-esque furniture – they have just seriously upped their game with THIS new product!! Tasking themselves with the aim to remove the angst from lighting a fire – they got researching and experimenting and have come up with an epic set

George and Willy have been at it again! True to form they have identified a product that would be helpful in our lives and promptly developed it in their distinctive pared back and functional style. Their Bang Bang Peg Board is a deserving follow up to the rampant popularity of their Studio Roller. Loving the the endless options of hanging, propping, stacking and displaying that this concept has! You can revisit our shoot and interview with George and Willy earlier in the year. Imagery courtesy of George and Willy ……

From left: Will McCallum and George Wilkins in their Tauranga workshop …… Any of you with an interest in young NZ design talent will have had George and Willy “blip” on your radar over the last 18 months. It may have been for their cool swings or perhaps trestle tables. You might have spotted their hardy duffel bags or have been swept up in the international popularity of their industrial paper roller. I can assure you if you haven’t seen any of these yet…you are definitely going to enjoy the

George & Willy. A pretty simple, straight to the point … but appealing name don’t you think? It represents a collection of products that I would describe the same way. Simple but very appealing.  George and Willy are childhood friends from Tauranga who have just returned home on finishing Commerce Degrees in Otago. Both came to the realisation that they were ready to dig their teeth into post student life and have set about designing and making products aimed at lasting the distance. With the 109 Piece Lamp, sturdy Fishermans

This year I have moved into a “forever” home. Despite being in my mid-thirties, this is a new thing for me as I’ve moved town every 3 years without fail since leaving school. While no crystal ball can tell me if I really will be here long term, for once the intention is totally there and a blue villa in Linwood, Christchurch is where this lockdown begins. This lack of “permanence” to my living situation over the years certainly hasn’t been an issue when it comes to making a rented

That’s right! With Studio Home ticking over into her 9th year I have once again examined what both you and I want from this site. The internet, in its wild fluidity, is such an exciting place to experiment, reinvent and quite simply, make your own rules. Given that this is a blog, freely accessed by you at any time of your day at no cost, I feel unrestricted and flexible when making changes to present you guys. You’ve been along for the ride for a while now! Ultimately it’s important to me

Look out flooring fiends! The follow up collection of exciting NZ based brand; Nodi is nothing short of awesome. Taking a more casual and textural approach in terrific contrast to their lush and opulent debut range, “Organic Lines” is SO covetable in its wonky lines, simple palettes and great weaves. Led by the innovative tufting and woven pattern of the Design Collection, Olivia from Nodi has also introduced a Staples Collection which is all about neutral colours, chunky loop pile weaves in both plain and striped form. What’s more she

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