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The Meadowlark team are beginning the three drop release of the anticipated follow up to their “ceremonial” collection; Ritual. As always its naughty but nice, edgy but romantic and available in so many stone, metal and ring combinations that you are sure to be able to pull together something really really personal and special. This is just a peek of what is now available online with more to come in the next few months! Click on through and explore here. PS…this earring…holy moly…

Meadowlark have just launched an exclusive collaboration with New Zealand artist; Andrew McLeod. Together they have created a collection of strong, bold rings drawing on ancient symbolism and playing with their shared love of dark, intricate imagery. The rings are available in 9ct gold or sterling silver, with a soft burnish or tough-talking blackening – check out the entire collection here. You can also see some previous work of Andrew’s featuring here with his patches being used to create cushions and a beanbag in the Meadowlark HQ.

I have waited a LONG time to share this amazing collection with you all!!! I’m lucky enough to count Claire and Greg from Meadowlark as friends which means on the odd occassion I am party to work in development! So when Claire first showed me this range last year I nearly flipped out… Ritual stirs the moody Meadowlark aesthetic into a beautiful collection of rings that can be worn on their own or paired, customised with choice of stone and metal and of course they all would make a pretty

I think most people would agree that a husband and wife business team can either be wildly successful or perhaps wildly disfunctional! Those that do gel tend to have a longevity and solidness that trumps other partnerships and I think that Claire and Greg of NZ based jewellery brand; Meadowlark might just be a shining example of that. Despite having visited their old HQ late last year I jumped at the chance to be the first to check out their shiny new Auckland space and share their story in full

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a snoop around the Meadowlark HQ in central Auckland. This was creativity central! I loved seeing the jewellery that I covet in its raw form, getting wrestled into glistening, shiny little pieces of love that people treasure. That might sound a bit sappy but seriously! I got to see first hand the time and effort put in by a small team that have managed to resist the outsourcing of every element of construction and instead work on every piece themselves. This holds a lot

Well…I pretty much am a loud and proud cat person (kind of have to be considering my cat…he has food issues…) so this awesome, creative collab between my favourites; Meadowlark and the New Zealand SPCA is right up my alley. And there’s something for everyone! T-shirts (mini and grown up!), mugs, tote bags and that necklace! If you are keen to jump in and support the annual “Paws Week Appeal” then visit SPCA to purchase all but the necklace which you need to pop by Meadowlark to do.

Last night I popped down to the glossy BoConcept showroom in BLOC to check out a really cool new collaborative project they have just launched. The Danish based brand has recently worked with internationally renowned designer Oki Sato of the Japanese brand Nendo and in a nod to this, decided to invite three local kiwi designers to inject some of their personality into the Mt Eden showroom. From today until the 12th of July you can view spaces created by Meadowlark Jewellery, Evie Kemp and Juliette Hogan where they have

New Meadowlark collection; Veni Vidi Vici is now allll available for you to peruse and purchase online. I have personally had a number of heart palpitations over the “wreath” elements of a range which presents 3 clearly different themes. Veni Vidi Vici “I came, I saw, I conquered” is the battle cry. Championing both the Victor and the Underdog with themes of struggle and fortune depicted through three icons. The Devils Claw, Art Deco in form but with the primal appearance of a tooth or claw, they carry the feeling

Meadowlark have dug back through their eleven collections and retrieved those favourite designs and icons that you guys loved best, shrunk them a little and are offering you a huge and luscious range of stacking options! There are lots of options in finish too from stirling silver, gold plated to solid gold. They hit stores officially in Feb but you can pre order yours online now to be the first to receive them.  

Because of my incessant internet trawling, my brain actually starts to pulse when I think about settling on options for Christmas presents! Tooo maaannny opppttiooons! But I realise that not all of you have your eyes scanning the internet constantly so I thought I would offer you a little help! I asked the awesome Studio Home advertisers to put together some info (and it looks like some cheeky offers too!) and I strongly suggest you have a visit, tick some boxes, talk to your credit card nicely and support these creative online

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