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“Desert Boxes” By Mickey Ross ………. Its such a pleasure to introduce this project as it’s not only a bloody good cause, it is a bloody CRAZY good opportunity to snap up affordable photographic art from some of our regions best! A Bit More Soul began as a series of photographic retreats and over the years has come to represent a community of photographers, artists, poets and creative forces all bonded by their time spent together and being dedicated to nurturing, improving and mastering their passion. I was lucky enough to attend

My “fresh new year” pic for effect! ….. For 2015 we decided to take a fresh look at how Studio Home would work with the brands in our local design industry, the format and opportunities we offer them to have a valuable presence on the site AND how this would be presented in a way that is interesting and engaging to YOU! It was time to shake things up a little! We have made some basic tweaks to our format – for example, the sidebar going back to the left and a more obvious and

Every season I normally bring you a wee tastess of the latest from Wanaka based merino brand; Mons Royale. Why you might wonder? I was bought up in a family that enjoyed “getting out there” eg. boating, adventuring, skiing…a general saturation of “outdoor time”! In the early days it was all saggy, pilling polypropeline and fleece when it came to robust layers, then the magic of wool made a come back with its lovely breathable qualities but the style of the garments on offer was kind ofold and stuffy. That’s

So for all of you Studio Home friends that avoid social media channels – its possible you have missed the very public fluster I got myself into as I launched a BRAND new blog last night!! It’s become verrrry obvious to me over the last couple of years that as I grow older, so do many of my dear readers which means many too are now Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents or like me suffering a growing “serial-baby-snatching” issue. I have always made a point of avoiding posting on child

You might recognise the name Micimage as the one responsible for the building of two Studio Home websites. The man behind the brand is Mickey Ross and yes, while I vouch for his skills at bringing a site to life and even his all round talent behind the camera – it is a new and exciting thing to be able to present you with one of his weddings. He has a distinct candid, documentary style and a knack for capturing real moments and uncontrived emotion. You can check out the

The prospect of refreshing a brand identity and website is both exciting and terrifying. For an internet wanderer like myself, exposed to SO many terrific (and terrible) examples of design online daily – the task of creating a new look and improved website to take Studio Home forward seemed kind of mammoth.  While I had some very firm ideas about layout and the general “vibe” I was after, I certainly didn’t have the skill base to bring it to life on my own! So I engaged Mickey Ross from Micimage

Last month Mickey Ross joined a crew of Wanaka refugees for a road trip in coastal NSW. These guys (like all of you reading the blog right now!) lead pretty computer heavy lives, so phones and laptops were left at home and the kiwi’s took to their bohemian lifestyle with a vengeance. I love these photographs, and feel like I could almost have been there. If you could road trip ANYWHERE where would you go? I would drive across and around the United States. Winniebago even maybe?

Last Monday I flew back to Auckland after two weeks on the road interviewing, exploring, consulting and driving from Queenstown through to Wellington. This of course didn’t happen in a straight line and today I wanted to share some snaps I caught on the first part of my solo roady.   After chatting with the team at Jucy about my plans, I was excited to pick up a new addition to their fleet of cars and vans in Queenstown – the Styla (or as I like to call it; “the grunty

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