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Store owner and designer Natalie Newlands, 31, can rock a seriously snappy red lip and looks right at home surrounded by some of the regions best offerings in fashion at Queenstown store; Angel Divine. In February 2012 she purchased the business from great friend Emma Taylor – who had steered the popular shop for the 6 years previous but had to focus on her battle with leukemia which very sadly claimed her life. Natalie has continued the store’s legacy of supporting NZ emerging and established fashion talent and has now grown

You might recognise the name Micimage as the one responsible for the building of two Studio Home websites. The man behind the brand is Mickey Ross and yes, while I vouch for his skills at bringing a site to life and even his all round talent behind the camera – it is a new and exciting thing to be able to present you with one of his weddings. He has a distinct candid, documentary style and a knack for capturing real moments and uncontrived emotion. You can check out the

Annika Dawkins is one sparky soul. And a damn creative one at that! Having initially met her years ago in Queenstown, I have recently been working with her closely on a number of projects following the set up of her one stop shop creative agency; Ha Ha Media. Despite our many skype meetings, with me peering over her shoulder trying snoop at her space I got more than I bargained for when she finally let me check out the images here.  Shantanu Starick of The Pixel Trade passed through her neighbourhood earlier in

On reviewing the group I pulled together below,  it is blazingly clear that when it comes to clothing, a few distinct things attract me. Namely – loose/drapey shapes AND transparent/fluid fabrics. Now if you are more of a tight and bright kind of soul…don’t worry! There is still plenty in here for you, even from the labels mentioned – it’s just my casual/loose eye picked up on the alternates to those but they ARE there! Also, lets face it, flowy clothes look great on ALL body shapes so there really

The sweet line drawings of Laura Shallcrass will have most definitely crossed your path at sometime or another. As an illustrator, she has long held court with a successful print career and audience from around the world – but now, shes on a new path. I love Laura’s answers to my questions below, particularly about her struggles to be brave enough to define herself as an artist. Self confidence is a fickle creature!!!

And to continue the run of super cool fashion coming outside of the main centres, I wanted to update you on whats fresh from Queenstown based New Lands.  Helmed by designer Natalie Newlands (who is also the owner of cult local boutique; Angel Divine) New Lands always offers the option to subtly (or not so subtly) stray from the norm with cool, modern interpretations of everyday clothing. This collection has some amazing pattern and fabric as well. Have some FUN! Explore all here and you can browse to buy online here.

I’ve followed the beautiful, detailed illustration of Laura Shallcrass for a few years now – and I remember being particularly excited to find out she is based in Queenstown and my favourite Southern Lakes bubble. Today marks the opening of a very new body of work for Laura with her show ; “Sacred Geometry and the Magic of Luck” at The Front Room in Queenstown. Running until the 9th of December those of you NOT lucky enough to be kicking around that area can view prints on her site now or

In April 2014 I headed to the South Island with a 2 week road trip planned a head of me.  I looked over my loose itinerary taking me from Queenstown to Wellington and pinpointed a spare 24 hour hours, naming it “Jon Thom Day”. While there are SO many more people that I want to meet in Dunedin, I had a small window which involved a 7 hour round trip drive and room for just one interview in the southern city – and I was determined more than ever that I would

I have followed Annie Smits Sandano for 7 years now…in fact I posted about her way back in my first few months of blogging in 2008! Its with complete fascination that I have then been able to sit back and watch her beautiful work develop in subject matter and style. Her new base of Queenstown is certainly stirring up something fresh as seen in this new collection of work for her show “Romantic Ideals | New Zealand Landscape” opening at Auckland’s Seed Gallery on the 10th of December. I will definitely

It’s with an enormous amount of pleasure that I present you the final TEAM.WORK collaboration of the year! This project was an extra special one as I got to work with not only a talented and savvy designer, but a great friend of mine. Natalie Newlands is the owner of cult Queenstown based store; Angel Divine – a super popular destination for design and fashion lovers both locally and on holiday. In 2011 Natalie drew on her extensive experience as a designer to launch her own label; New Lands in

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